NTLite is out!
Finally, my next-generation tool is released, supporting Windows 7 through 10. Check it out at
Due to a crash fix, here is a quick fix update, for more details go to changelog.
nLite for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1?
Ever since I released the nLite update after so many years, I am getting the same question: will there be nLite for Windows 7+, is current nLite update all there is?
The answer is that I am working on such a tool, release date is unknown, but it can be counted in months, not years.
Unfortunatelly my quality bar is now much higher so I will not be releasing alpha versions to the public, still considering betas.
I'll post news here as soon as there is any, in the meantime nLite will be updated as it would be if I never left.
Well, there goes another 5 years. I have finally decided to return to the project, and will be actively supporting it from now on.
If you have contacted me over the years about a language translation update, an updated link to an nLite guide, or similar, please do so again so I can follow up.
Enjoy and feel free to contact me or post at the forums if there is something important to fix or add.
Thank you for your support.

List of changes. This first batch of updates is mainly maintenance. Another thing to add is that direct hotfixing of WMP and x64 ASMS hotfixes is disabled due to safety concerns until a better method is developed for those special cases.
Few updates and fixes, still polishing. #Updated.
nLite 1.4.8
Here are some more fixes. If you had a SP3 CD-Key issue when slipstreaming from Vista try this one, if it doesn't help let me know.
nLite 1.4.7
Another maintenance edition with a few fixes. It might also help to those who still had the manual setup issue with the SP3.
nLite 1.4.6
If you do not boot from CD then a few issues could occur when installing XP SP3 with winnt(32).exe. If you did not have any issues then no need to update.
Fix: XP SP3 manual install (winnt32) issues.

Note: I read that some of you think that nLite breaks the floppy F6 method. That is not true, it is a Windows limitation, just disable the OEM Preinstall on the Unattended - General page or integrate the driver.
nLite 1.4.5 Final
Finally the XP SP3 was released so here is the final nLite version update as well.

Just one important thing changed, SP3 Slipstream under Vista. It would reject your valid CD-Key. Not my doing but it is fixed anyway.
So in order to fix the XP SP3 CD-Key issues remake the Slipstreamed version from scratch with this nLite version.
Update: if you are upgrading from RTM to SP3 then first slipstream SP2 if you are using Vista as a host.
SP3 build 5503/5508/5512 - nLite 1.4.5 beta 2
Here is the quick fix, or should I say update to follow the newly introduced internal changes to the XP SP3 build 5503.
Some say it might be an RTM version, others to be careful because it is not yet confirmed.
Also if some hotfixes did not integrate directly that did in the older version then this one will correct that as well.

Update #2: it has been confirmed that RTM is build 5512. This nLite version works with builds 5508 and 5512 as well.
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